Unbeatable offer for dance camps

Tailor made offer for the dance group - stages, mirrors, lighting and much more.

The Hotel Medlov stands out for its superior capacity (up to 500 seats), which forms an ideal base for organizing dance and other sports camps and workshops. There are 4 dance rooms equipped with sound system, mirrors and lighting. Many activities can also be carried out in the hotel park, on the beach by the pond Medlov or in the surrounding countryside.

The Hotel Medlov offers two professional outdoor dance stages and two large indoor halls. Overall, the Hotel Medlov has for dancers more than 500 meters of floor space. The stages are equipped with a speecial sprung dance floor covered with baletizol, along the long side there are mirrors illuminated to dance even in the dark. For the colder months, the hotel offers rental of a professional heater to the tent.

We can arrange for your event:

  • Accommodation of your choice with half or full board and drinks
  • For children meals 5x - 6x a day
  • Diet adapted to the physical activities and philosophy of your event
  • Possibility to use hotel wellness - whirlpool, spa treatmens at a discounted price

We will be happy to help with the organization of your event as we have a huge experience with dance camps. We have already organized 20 years of the best international dance workshop in the Czech Republic called Dance without borders and every year we prepare several summer and winter dance camps.

Do not hesitate to exploit the unique dance floors with great capacity too! For more information, please contact us at e-mail Of course, you can also participate in our dance camps and workshops, just sign up at e-mail