For schools

Are you looking for a suitable place for ski course or school trip? You are in the right place!

Thanks to the large capacity, we can accommodate multiple classes at the same time.

For schools that search for a higher standard of services and quality gastronomy during their trip, we offer the services of our hotel. Schools in the nature, ski courses, introductory events, school trips - we look forward to all - from pre-school to college students.

We can offer you a package that includes at least 5 meals a day including a full-day drinking regime. Thanks to many years of experience in this field, we are happy to arrange a competitive bus service, not only for the transport to the hotel itself, but also for excursions to nearby tourist destinations. We will be glad to help you plan your trip - do not hesitate to contact us.

Each teacher for every 10 children stays free of charge and the other accompanying teachers to this number have the same price as the child participants. Furthermore, we can provide an animation program for your school.


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