Summer at Vysočina

The beach, pedal boats right in the area, but also a pleasant trips in the surroundings.

The Vysočina region is a place where you will be fascinated by a beautifull landscape full of colorful hills, glittering ponds, bubbling streams and blooming meadows, that change its face along with the seasons. At Vysočina also the art and history lovers, active athletes, families with children, seniors or loved couples will find their favorite spots.

CHKO Žďárské vrchy – on a bike or by foot

This are is one of the cleanest and ecologically most valuable in the Czech Republic. Deep forests along with waterways creates a harmonious landscape just made to recharge your batteries. For the beauty of the local nature you can take many nature trails for hiking, or great marked cycling routes with a number of interesting stops. The landscape of Žďárské vrchy is also connected to a painter, sculptor and traveler Michal Olšiak, whose strange creatures are searched for by many tourists who admire these unconventional sculptures. Whether you choose one of the nature reserves or monuments, you will always be thrilled.



  • Route Medlov - Devět Skal - Medlov - Option 1

Take a trip to the highest peak of Žďárské vrchy - Devět Skal. From the hotel Medlov take the yellow tourist sign in direction to Fryšava pod Žákovou horou and it will take you to the peak. On the way back take the same yellow trail. The total length of the trip is 17,5 km and you can climb about 380 meters. Duration is about 6,5 hours.


  • Route Medlov - Devět Skal - Medlov - Option 2

There is also a slightly longer option - a circuit. The first part of the track takes you along the yellow tourist sign to the peak (as in the option 1). On the way back, take the red tourist sign in direction to Žákova hora and then follow the green track (direction Fryšava pod Žákovou horou), which crosses also a small part of a nature trail a brings you back to the hotel Medlov. The total length of the trip is 20,6 km and you can climb 460 meters. Duration is about 7 hours.


  • Route Medlov – Žákova hora – Medlov

Choose a route that will take you to the National Nature Reserve Žákova hora, one of the most valuable and oldest protected areas in the Vysočina region. Directly below the mountain you can join the nature trail, which will take you through a 2,6 km long circuit and then you can set off on the way back. The total length of the route is 17,8 km and you can climb 400 meters. Duration is about 6 hours.



  • Route Medlov – Kaldov - Krátká – Blatiny – Milovský rybník – Kaldov - Medlov

Route that goes only along the marked cycle route takes you north from the hotel Medlov. Wait for light hills and overally light track that will suit the recreational cyclists as well. The first part of the route will lead you through meadows or villages, the other part of the route leads you mainly to the woods. From the hotel Medlov take the marked cycle trace (4346) in direction to Fryšava pod Žákovou horou, where you can join the route (103) to Kaldov (104), then Krátké (4340), Blatiny and in the village Milovy continue along the cycling route (4022) back to Kaldov, from where you can follow the same route (as at the beginning of the trip) to the hotel Medlov. The total length of the trip is 26 km and you can clim around 570 meters. Duration is about 2,5 hours.


  • Route Medlov - Singltrek Nové Město na Moravě – Medlov

If you like adrenalin and like to ride a hill, you should definitely go to Singletrek near Nové Město na Moravě. From the hotel Medlov take the cycle route (4346) in direction Vlachovice and after 6 km you come to Cycling arena Vysočina. There is prepared for you up to 30 km of tracks and 5 levels of difficulty. Singletrek can therefore use both families with children and passionate cyclists.


Interesting places to visit

  • The peak Devět skal - 8,5 km

The highest peak of Žďárské vrchy and the second highest one of Českomoravská vrchovina opens the beautiful views to the countryside. The rock labyrinth consists of three long ridges with nine towers and three small turrets. It consists of a main block (a view with a railing), a sneaky tower, a royal castle, a double tower, a pyramid and a small, steep and sloping tower.


  • The nature reserve Čtyři palice - 13,5 km

Čtyři palice is situated in Žďárské vrchy in altitude 628–732 m. The nature reserve consists of three main rock formations (Děvín, Paličatá, Tvrz) and a small rocky ridge (Opomenutá). Nowadays, registered climbers are training here.

  • The Hall of Natives Jimramov - 16 km

The exposition introduces visitors to the history of the town and its most prominent personalities - the brothers Mrštík, Jan Karafiát, Karel Slavíček, M. J. Sychrová and others. You can see there, for example, a very valuable large diorama from 1939 on the topic of Karafiát's book The Beetles (Broučci), the author of which is the national artist Jiří Trnka.


  • Castle ruins of Zubštejn - 27 km

The ruins of Zubštejn belong among the most significant in the countryside and they are one of the most beautiful destinations of any trip. From the top of the ruin you can see Sýkoř - the highest mountain of Hornosvratecká vrchovina or in the South there is almost visible Brno in the distance.


Not only for families with children

  • The biggest museum of car models Příseka - 55 km

At the Příseka Chateau you can find an exhibition of most of the cars that were produced on the territory of today's Czech and Slovak Republic. There are also models of toy cars manufactured not only in other countries of the European continent, but also in the USA, China and Japan. An ideal trip for all gentlemen and boys.


  • The Small Museum of Small Motorcycles - 20 km

The Small Museum of Small Motorcycles and Tatra Veteran's Deposit - Exposition of Motorcycles includes collection of more than thirty machines of domestic and foreign production. In the Deposit there are several tens of vehicles, especially of Tatra production.


  • Salón expres, Polnička - 18 km

A very popular natural children's area. The complex opens at burning witches in April and is in operation until the end of September.


  • The Hell Čertovina - 20 km

You can spend a funny afternoon in the company of Lucifer himself and his devil's companions. Visit the Hell, where you will find a three floors of experiential activities.


  • Water paradise Jihlava - 55 km

The water paradise offers an indoor pool with attractions - a 108-meter indoor waterslide, a wild river, an outdoor heated pool, a paddling pool, massage jets, a whirlpool, pearl beds, waterfalls, and a sauna and steam room. In summer, outdoor swimming pools and attractions are also available.


  • Aquapark Laguna Třebíč - 55 km

There is a 25-meter long swimming pool and a fun part with a wild river, rocking cradle, water spout, massage beds and an underwater cave with an aquarium. The main attraction is the 132 meters long water slide, which is currently the third longest in the country.



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