Equipment rental

Enjoy your vacation with our sport equipment rental!

You will not met with a boredom in our hotel area! There is a wide rande of sport and recreational equipment in our rental, also you can find here many desk games and equipment for the lake activities (the lake lies straght in our area)!

Fun at the lake

In the hotel Medlov area you can find the beautiful lake. You can just enjoy it in the sunset, have a romantic picnic near there, swim in it or you can rent a boat, pedal boat or paddleboard and let's go for the water! 

Price list of the lake equipment

Equipment Price
Boats (in the summer only) 60 CZK / hour
Pedal Boats (in the summer only) 130 CZK / hour
Paddleboard  180 CZK / hour

Sport equipment for rent

Good health! We have extended our offer of the sport utensils and we would be glad to lend you anything! There is a volleyball / czech football playground straigt in the hotel area, also there is minigolf and a good space for badminton or tenis. You can play beachball or frisbee near a pond. The weather isn't good? No problem! We have many inside activities as is table soccer, billiard or we are able to rent you a desk game, just choose one.

Price list of renting sport equipment

Equipment Price
Badminton (2 rackets, 2 balls)  70 CZK / hour
Minigolf and russian bowling 30 CZK / hour
Soft tenis (2 rackets, 1 ball) 45 CZK/ hour
Frisbee 25 CZK / hour
Beach ball (2 rackets, 1 ball)  45 CZK / hour
Voleyball / czech football ball 20 CZK / pc / hour
Net (voleyball / czech football...) 40 CZK / hour
Billiard 60 CZK / hour
Table soccer 10 CZK / 10 balls
Desk games min. 30 CZK / day 



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