Rum tasting

Unusual experience - rum tasting with our rum expert.

Enhance your stay at the Hotel Medlov with a unique experience, which would appreciate not only gentlemen, but also ladies. Enjoy every drop of a delicious beverage, the most popular and the best selling one in the world with our special rum tasting.

  • Basic Rum Tasting comprises selection of 5 quality rums (1cl).

Barbados, Cuba, Venezuela, Guatemala. Vanilla, caramel, sherry or coconut. Color of gold, honey, amber or chestnut. Up to 23 years of maturation in centuries-old barrels in combination with love and tradition. Enjoy a unique rums that will delight all your senses.

Price: CZK 175 / person

  • Millionaire Rum Tasting consists of selection of 5 quality rums (1cl).

Delicious rum was the best digestif already at the Imperial Court which proves even the very first sample of Millionaire Rum Tasting. Let your taste buds decide which of the rums will become your winner. Could it be Diplomatico Reserva Exclusive Rum 12yo, which has won a number of awards from the professionals?! Or gonna win rather Millonario X.O., which many consider to be the best rum in the world?! Let yourself be surprised ...

Price: CZK 250 / person

  • Premium Rum Tasting comprises selection of 5 quality rums (2cl).

Did you fall in love with the magical taste of the rum? Then, you can not miss our Premium Rum Tasting with the selection of the most exclusive rums available on the Czech market. The rums, which are brought to the country annually by only a few tens of bottles and are the real treasure of every proud owner. We are delighted to share these unique pieces with you and we will be happy for your enthusiastic response. If you have not yet discovered the delicious rum taste, know that with our Premium Rum Tasting you will quickly change your mind.

Price: CZK 795/ person