Choose from a wide selection of our massages. You will not regret!

Thanks to our experienced masseur team the Hotel Medlov near Nové Město na Moravě offers you a wide range of relaxing and revitalizing massages. The expertise of our team ensures that all procedures are proposed at the highest quality level with the reward of a satisfied customer at the maximum. In addition, an individual consultation with our specialists will allow to set up a tailor-made wellness program for you. If you wish to achieve a true relaxation and regeneration for your body, we reccommend to complete complete the three-part process - bath to relax your body, massage to run off blood circulation and prepare for the third part, the wrap.

Pricelist of massages

Massage Price / Duration Price / Duration
Aromatherapy Massage  CZK 420 / 25 mins  CZK 760 / 50 mins
Swedish Massage  CZK 390 / 25 mins  CZK 720 / 50 mins 
Hot Stones  CZK 720 / 25 mins   
Cupping Massage  CZK 690 / 25 mins  CZK 990 / 50 mins 
True Chocolate  CZK 820 / 25 mins  CZK 1290 / 50 mins 
Indian Head Massage  CZK 280 / 20 mins  -
Tibetan Facial Massage  CZK 340 / 20 mins  -
Lymphatic Massage CZK 720 / 25 mins  CZK 1190 / 50 mins 
Foot Reflexology Massage CZK 340 / 20 mins -

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