Baths and wraps

Enjoy a great bath and enrich your relaxation with one of our wraps.

Take advantage of one of our treasures - an outdoor whirlpool on the rooftop of the hotel or let yourself be pampered at the bath or the wrap. At the Hotel Medlov we will make your stay more enjoyable.

Outdoor Whirlpool

On the rooftop of the hotel there is a whilpool with a breathtaking view at the pond Medlov and its surroundings opened all year round for your relaxation. Truly, it will be your unforgettable experience from Medlov. In case of your interest, we can prepare for you a small snack or a bottle of sparkling wine.

Pricelist of Whirlpool

  Price/ Duration Price/ Duration
Whirlpool (max. 2 persons) 350 CZK/ 25 minutes  500 CZK/ 50 minutes



Wraps represent a special care for your skin and give your body and muscles a perfect relaxation. In our offer you will find relaxing and nourishing wraps. Our expert team is ready to assist you in selecting the right treatment for you based on an individual consultation. The best combination for your body consists of three parts - the first part includes a bath that relieves the whole body, followed by a relaxing massage that, thanks to blood circulation, prepares the skin for the third part (the wrap) so that it ensures an intense absorption of the fabrics from the wrap. Pleasant and mind pampering environment is a commonplace.

Pricelist of Wraps

Wraps Price/ Duration
Nourishing body Wrap Neroli 430 CZK/ 20 minutes 
Eucalyptus chest Wrap (men) 380 CZK/ 20 minutes 
Peat Wrap 380 CZK/ 20 minutes 
Paraffin Hands Wrap with Aloe Vera 190 CZK/ 20 minutes
Paraffin Feet Wrap with Aloe Vera 240 CZK/ 20 minutes



Our great team will help you to orientate yourself in a varied range of aromatherapy, relaxation and nourishing baths and create an ideal wellness plan through individual consultation. For the best relaxation and regeneration we recommend to combine the bath with a massage and wrap. The expertise of our team guarantees that all procedures of the hotel's Wellness Center are in the highest quality and always with the emphasis on the maximum satisfaction of the client. Individual approach and pleasant, mind pampering environment is a commonplace.

Pricelist of Baths

Baths Price / Duration
Oil Bath 290 CZK/ 20 minutes 
Herbal Foaming Bath* 290 CZK/ 20 minutes
Milk Bath with Honey 290 CZK/ 20 minutes 


* Arnica, Baldrian, Lavender, Spruce needles, Lemon, Chamomile