Wellness house

Our goal for the year 2021 - reopening of wellness house!

Hotel Medlov has one of the rarities in the Czech Republic. It is so called „fit cell“, an outdoor spa house, which was built as the first one on the territory of former Czechoslovakia. Unfortunately, the last tenants of the hotel utilized the facility as a storage, therefore the current state of the house does not allow to use it for the original purposes.

Our intention and a great wish for the year 2021 is to renovate this house and create a new place for relaxation, a place where guests will be able to pamper their body and soul. Plans are really bold and therefore we are looking for a suitable partner to help us create a representative space that will include a sauna room, cooling pool with waterfall, massage room with a wooden tub and a fireplace, ritual aroma cave or relaxation lounge.

As with other revitalization projects, we want to preserve the harmony of the place with the spirit of the surrounding nature and we look forward to the opening when the wellness house welcomes its first guests.